For as long as I know I have been playing around with the camera. Since 3 years, with my studies Audiovisual Design at the WdKA in Rotterdam, I am developing myself to become a professional filmmaker and designer.  Recently I have taken on some multi-disciplinary projects; working on a documentary, compiling an album and planning new events with my collective Elastiek. Working on different projects with multiple disciplines and people is what I have been enjoying the most and hope to be doing in the future. My work has always been very much under development as I am still finding new ways of expression, critical tools and inspirations.

I am part of audiovisual collective ElastiekElastiek functions as a network of young creatives to host new events in the creative scene in Rotterdam. 

studies Audiovisual Design at the WdKA Rotterdam, 2018-

studied International Business Administration at the University of Twente, 2014-2018.

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